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Who we are

Reflecting his merchandising background Sonam Batra’s collections are timeless classics, stylish and glamorous. Sonam is drawn to characters and their stories, finding inspiration in their location and personal style that is country chic’.

"Meeting Sonam is like a personal shopping experience, matching body shapes and colour schemes that can flatter the figure and enhance natural features of hair and eye tone".

‘I never set out to sell for the sake of selling. Every customer is individual and walks away taller from having a garment that fits the person’.

"Nowadays, the same attention to detail can be purchased directly from Sam that is ‘country chic, made in England, for business or leisure". On tour through Europe by appointment.

Sonam has Marketing experience of over 25 years. Has worked in the public and private sector before returning to a tradition of tailoring that traces family back to Shimla in the heady 1920’s.



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Tirlok Nath (1966, Royal Leamington Spa)

Father & Founder 

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